April 11, 2018

Launch of PANDOMO© Wall: New Generation 2.0

Dear Esteemed Customers & Business Partners

We are pleased to announce that we are launching a new generation of PANDOMO© Wall Products known
as the PANDOMO© Wall 2.0 in the last quarter of 2018.

The quality of the Generation 2.0 has been improved. The product can now be mixed into a smooth
mixture much easily, and the long open time allows a longer processing time for easy application, in
warmer climate conditions or on larger areas under normal conditions. Customers who have tested the
Generation 2.0 have also confirmed the improved product properties.

The price and the packaging size of the new improved PANDOMO© Wall 2.0 remain unchanged.

The new PANDOMO© Wall brochures will be available on demand in due course.

With the release of the new PANDOMO© Wall 2.0, existing PANDOMO© Wall Products will be superseded
upon sales of stocks. Please take note that during the transition period, we will have both current
PANDOMO© W1 stock and the new PANDOMO© Wall Generation 2.0. Please let our sales representative
or customer service know should you have specific requirement on the new or existing stocks.

We hope that you will like the new PANDOMO© Wall 2.0! Should you require any clarifications, please
contact your sales representative at +66 23 163 069 or

January 27, 2017

ARDEX opens new plant in Thailand

The ARDEX Group recently opened a new factory and laboratory in Thailand, located in

Hemaraj Saraburi Industrial Estate, approx. 100 km from Bangkok.


The factory investment is worth more than 150 million Thai Baht (approx. 4 million USD) and has

an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons.


The primary focus will be the manufacturing of high-quality ARDEX Flooring and Tiling

products in order to maximize the market opportunities in Thailand and in the surrounding



“ARDEX Thailand will serve the Thai, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam markets

providing high-quality products, best services and favorable prices.”, said Mr. Charun

Detpratum (the JV-partner) during the opening ceremony in January 2017.


The Asia-Pacific region is one of the biggest and most dynamic drivers of the global

development of the ARDEX Group. The construction of a new plant is a direct result of

customer-driven demand and signifies further long-term growth for ARDEX.


“The ARDEX Group is fully committed with the development in SEA region and sees

Thailand as a strategic gateway to highly dynamic Indochina markets. As a world

leading solution provider, we want to make sure that we are close to the markets we

are active in. We are confident that the new production facilities in Thailand will enable

us to offer 1st class customer services and the specially engineered systems/products

meet the local market requirements. In the case of high demand quantities, on-site

production is extremely important. The new plant in Thailand ensures high availability

and production according to local needs”, said Mark Eslamlooy (CEO ARDEX Group).


It is the second high-tech production facility in Southeast Asia apart from Singapore and

symbolizes another remarkable milestone of ARDEX to be the world’s leading solution

provider of high performance specialty building materials.

December 15, 2016

The next ARDEX CONNECT is out!

On 19th January 2017, a team of experts from ARDEX and nora systems will give a vivid presentation about specifying screeding, levelling and subfloor preparation products with confidence and how to choose the right adhesive & installation method for rubber floor coverings.

March 20, 2012

ARDEX is growing worldwide

ARDEX has attained majority stake of Quicseal Construction Chemical Pte Ltd (Singapore) and Quic-SEAL Construction Chemicals Sdn. Bhd.