Grouts and Silicones


Grouts and Silicones

Grouts and Silicones

Grout Sealers and Silicones

ARDEX provides intelligent and trusted system solutions for every aspect of tiling: For tile and natural stone installations – indoors and outdoors – domestic and commercial projects. ARDEX Tiling systems include products for floor levelling, under tile waterproofing, tile adhesives, grouts and silicones. ARDEX Grout Shield combats fungal and algal organisms, which can lead to mould growth.

What is the Best Grout Sealer and Is It Really Necessary for Tile?

A mixture of cement and sand, grout is commonly used to fill the gaps between tiles. Wherever you may have your tiles installed, the wear and tear that tiles undergo will make the surrounding areas susceptible to discolouration, mould growth, and damage. Why? Because even though tiles are often made of durable, waterproof material, the grout sitting between the tiles is porous. When grouts are left unsealed, bacteria and water will get trapped, compromising not only the look of your tiles but also their structural integrity. Therefore, adding a grout sealer to your tiles will prevent the growth of mildew and mould. Repelling moisture, grout sealers will maintain the look of your tiles for a long time.

Are Grout Sealers and Tile Sealers the Same?

If we were to boil down to the technical aspects of things, yes, grout sealers differ from tile sealers. Since the materials of the grout joint between the tiles differ from the material of the tiles themselves, different sealers should be used. Ceramic and porcelain tiles have micro-pores on their surface and may require a penetrating sealer to be applied before epoxy grouts are applied between the tiles.

Where to Buy Grout Sealer in Singapore?

Not sure where to buy tile grouts in Singapore? Look no further than ARDEX. Offering a wide selection of products ranging from coloured silicone for sanitary installations to high-performance epoxy adhesives, you’ll be able to find the tiling solution for your every need.

ARDEX – Your Choice Grout Sealer and Silicone Supplier

Beyond our expansive catalogue of grouts and silicones, ARDEX offers premium tiling and waterproofing system solutions for all in Singapore. With a longstanding history that traces back to 1960, we stand true to our promise to supply outstanding product quality. With all our products, materials, and packaging going through rigorous quality control procedures, you can rest assured our products meet industry standards. For more information on selecting the right grout sealer for your tiles, get in touch with our technical experts today.

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