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Pyrmont Fire Station renovation

Fire Station, Pyrmont

PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro and a polished concrete floor finish were specified for this project

Fire Station, Pyrmont

PANDOMO®: Honestone

Honestone, an award winning company specialising in flooring and wall finishes entered the Pyrmont Fire Station project into the ‘Decorative Concrete Council’ awards that were presented by the U.S. Decorative Concrete on the 17th January at the ‘World of Concrete’ that was held in Las Vegas. The flooring by Honestone won the award for cement overlays 6–50mm over 450 sqm.

The Pyrmont Fire Station was built in 1906 to address potential fire danger because of the increase in development of industry in the area during the early 1900’s. The station was staffed until 1945 when it was closed. It was then reopened in 1960 and remained active until 1994 when it closed again for minor renovations.

This iconic building was reopened again in 2007; although, the two upper floors remained unoccupied as the building was much in need of renovation. It was decided that a $2.7 million upgrade to the station would take place over a 16 month period which resulted in the station being transformed into a first-class, modern, sophisticated and functional facility.

PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro and a polished concrete floor finish were specified for this project as the noticeably finer aggregate produced a homogeneous and elegant finish for this landmark building. The flooring system engineered by ARDEX Australia resulted in the ratios all working together, ensuring that the right amount of marble chip was displayed in the finish, something which often doesn’t happen with conventional polished concrete finishes. Whilst the TerrazzoMicro finish is considerably thinner, the strength of the floor was not sacrificed, so it was also used in high traffic areas. A white aggregate was used with a white binder in order to give the floor a nice, simple and sleek look that also assisted in accentuating the dark and face brick walls.

Rick Hendriks, Director of Honestone said ‘The finish was impeccable, extremely aesthetic and functional. Our team worked tirelessly to perfect the project and we could not be happier with the results.’