SystemARDEX specified for refurbishment of Lotte Department Store in Seoul, Korea.

Lotte Department Store, Seoul

An ARDEX tiling system was specified for this tricky project built over a train station, that would challenge most tile installations and wall renderings.

Lotte Department Store, Seoul

INSTALLER: Lotte Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd


  • Porcelain tile installation over a busy train station (8,000 m2 /86,114 ft2)
  • PANDOMO® Wall installation in the food court (1,600 m2/17,223 ft2)
  • Cellulose Fiber Cement (CRC) board substrate
  • Expedited installation time frame

Built over a busy train station, the eight-story Lotte Department Store in Seoul, Korea would challenge most tile installations and wall renderings. A tile adhesive was needed to absorb the trains vibrations and have a longer working time because of high temperature in Seoul, Korea. ARDEX was asked to test their tile adhesives for the project. After the tests proved successful, ARDEX tile adhesives were approved for the installation. The developer of the project also requested the PANDOMO ® materials to be used on the exterior of the building. Since PANDOMO ® Wall is specifically designed for interior applications, the ARDEX Technical Team worked with the contractor to find a solution.

Lotte Engineering & Construction started by coating the installation surfaces with ARDEX ABA 660.V Acrylic Primer. An acrylic primer was specified for this project, because it not only creates a strong bond, but also for its flexibility. ARDEX ABA 660.V uses the most advanced acrylic polymer technology; it is totally resistant to re-emulsification in the hot humid conditions associated with the summer months in Korea.

Tile installation areas received a combination of ARDEX STS 8 Superior Tensile Strength Tile adhesive and ARDEX E 90 Mortar Admix. Developed for use in areas where movement is anticipated and over fibrous cement board, the combination of these two products creates a superior bond and offers increased flexibility. Once the tiles were placed, joints were filled with ARDEX FG 8 Flexible Coloured Grout. ARDEX FG 8 was selected, because it is polymer fortified, making it flexible to resist cracking from the vibrations caused by the train station below. ARDEX FG 8 is mould and water resistant, and its smooth finish also reduces the amount of trapped pollutants, making it perfect for a busy department store installation.

To give the food court a luxurious feel, PANDOMO® Wall was applied. PANDOMO® Wall was the best choice for this installation because of its bond strength, and superior tensile strength. PANDOMO® Wall can be customized to create a unique visual experience by selecting from various colour options and textures. These properties help guarantee a longlasting beautiful installation.

Because of the ARDEX Sales and Technical Teams, Lotte Department Store can expect their beautiful, low maintenance installation will last over a long period of time.