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ARDEX tiling and grouting system used in major shopping centre.

Marina Square, Wentworth Point

ARDEX Flowable epoxy grout and fibre reinforced flexible tile adhesive used in Marina Square Shopping Centre.

Marina Square, Wentworth Point

APPLICATOR: Team Members’ Project

The Marina Square Shopping Centre is a popular retail precinct located at Wentworth Point, one of the most prime spots in New South Wales. With many specialty and brand name stores, it was important that they had excellent grouting and tiling solutions in-line with the stunning design of the area.
The client required durable tiling, adhesive and epoxy grout solutions for the shopping centre main floor that didn’t compromise on aesthetics. The contractor opted for the distinctive and popular look of terrazzo tiles (400 x 400 x 20mm with 3mm joints) for this project as they could be put down quickly and provide a consistent, hard wearing flush finish once ground and polished. ARDEX provided a solution consisting of ARDEX X 18 tile adhesive and ARDEX EG 800 F commercial epoxy system. Combining these products ensured a high quality finish.

As a high traffic area, the shopping centre needed to have its flooring and construction done quickly with minimal disruption to leasees and patrons.
The sheer size of the area (3400 square metres) meant that the project required a solution that could be laid quickly, in a short timeframe and in a way that didn’t take excessive manpower.

ARDEX was specified for the tiling throughout for its rapid drying and non-slump properties.
The adhesion used for this project comprised of ARDEX EG 800 F Flowable epoxy grout and ARDEX X 18, a fibre reinforced flexible non-slump wall and floor tile adhesive. This was the ultimate solution because it contains specially developed fibres that add to the high compressive strength required for such a high traffic area.

Unique Elements
Often, grout needs to be applied individually into each tile joint. However, for such a large area and quick turnaround time needed, the ARDEX EG 800 F was ideal for this application method because it meant that the entire area could be flooded and ground back afterwards, ensuring an impressive amount of surface area was covered in a short amount of time.

Another aspect that made this a favourable choice is the broad coverage. Each kit is estimated to cover approximately sixteen square metres.

It is also extremely durable, stain proof and waterproof making it the best choice for the busy levels of traffic in the shopping centre.