Park Royal – Singapore

Park Royal – Singapore

Park Royal – Singapore

Park Royal – Singapore

Project Name

PARKROYAL on Upper Pickering Street – Singapore


ArtMaker Pte Ltd – Singapore Architect WOHA Architects – Singapore

Featured Products

ARDEX DS 40 Impact Sound Reduction and Decoupling System

ARDEX AF 190 Premium Multipurpose Flooring Adhesive

ARDEX AF 2420 Parquet Adhesive ARDEX P51 Porous Substrate Primer

ARDEX SE Flexible Sealant for use in Tile Movement Joints

ABA 310L Self-Leveling Smoothing Compound

ABA 365L Timber Adhesive for Teakwood Floor


  • 1,000 square meter installation area including 98 hotel rooms (junior suites, executive suites and presidential suites)
  • FIIC=58-60 sound insulation requirement for devised hardwood timber finishing
  • Two-month installation time frame


The PARKROYAL on Pickering Street Singapore hotel boasts first-rate entertainment and amenities in the Central Business District. The hotel owner desired a peaceful and quiet environment in all guest rooms. Hardwood timber floors met design specifications but sound insulation was required to remediate significant acoustic issues.


An acoustic consultant conducted a Field Impact Insulation Class test with ARDEX DS 40 Sound Reduction and Decoupling System under hotel room floors. The ARDEX system achieved a result of FIIC 59. ARDEX Singapore Technical Services Department suggested ABA 310L mix with sand aggregate to enhance thickness and smooth the floors surface. ARDEX AF 190 Premium Multipurpose Flooring Adhesive bonded ARDEX DS 40 mat to the substrate. ABA 365L was used to install a layer of 9 mm plywood with 4-6 mm gaps along all perimeter walls and protrusions to allow total isolation of tiles from the adjacent building structure. Fifteen millimeter solid wood strips were installed on the plywood surface using ARDEX AF 2420 Parquet Adhesive. Gaps between the solid wood and perimeter walls were filled with ARDEX SE Flexible Sealant before skirting installation. The beautiful timber wood floors brought a lovely aesthetic and ARDEX products solved acoustic issues in PARKROYAL guest rooms.