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POSB Bank – Singapore

POSB Bank – Singapore

POSB Bank – Singapore

POSB Bank – Singapore

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Master’s Touch Coating Pte Ltd

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ARDEX WPM 300 (Epoxy Membrane for Negative Pressure Applications) ARDEX WPM 908 (Water Based Acrylic Trafficable Membrane) ARDEX 291 (One Component Non Sag Polyurethane Sealant) ARDEX WPM 900 (Multipurpose Liquid Applied Trafficable Waterproofing)


  • 1000 sqm of metal roof top with 200 sqm of RC roof during moosoon season
  • Existence of operational air handling units discharging constant condensation water into the RC roof


An existing commercial building needed waterproofing improvement work on the roof to resolve leakages problem into the level below. Due to the fact that the RC roof has numerous operational air handling units which are discharging condensation water at almost all time, the substrate in the RC roof is constantly damp. Preformed Waterproofing solution is out of question due to the fact there are a lot of ancillaries services on the RC roof and it would means there were be too many detailing works to be done which not only will slow the installation process but also create too many potential source of leakages if it is not properly done. The damp substrate and requirement for a membrane that would take regular human traffic would also means generally stand‐alone liquid applied membranes without additional reinforcement would not be suitable. The metal roof that is of normal metal roof with enamel paint, and have requirement f or a product with waterproofing properties to be applied onto it and to be cost effective as well


Due to the monsoon season and consistent dampness from numerous air compressors on the RC roof and the need for a waterproofing product system that is robust enough to allow trademen to carry out routine maintenance service a liquid applied waterproofing product would still be the choice of product to go with due to seamless and quick application method Ardex proposed the WPM908 liquid applied waterproofing system which is an acrylic based internally reinforced trafficable waterproofing membrane which means site installation of additional fibre reinforcement is not required The system also include WPM300 as a primer and damp proof layer which means the constant dampness of the substrate would be a source of any possible blisters in the installed membrane in near future. For the steel roof, cost factor is one of the most important factor as it is just a preventive requirement for the end user, ARDEX WPM 900 is recommended because it can work effectively on a un‐rust metal roof without the need for primer, at the same time, it is water based or ease of site application and robust enough that allows human traffic to walk on without the need for reinforcement. The above products recommendation are highly appreciate by the end user and installer as it allows the parties to achieve a cost effective and efficient waterproofing system that are suited to the needs of the building to deliver a problem free environment for years to come for its occupants and also to work around the weather and site challenges presented during that period.