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ARDEX render and waterproofing system specified for unique, beach-side façade restoration.

Sandgate Apartments, 51 Ashburner St, Manly

ARDEX System specified to repair existing clay brick façade that has deteriorated due to salt penetration and crystallisation.

Sandgate Apartments, 51 Ashburner St, Manly


The 8 storey building “Sandgate Apartments” is approximately 45 years old and located in what has been described as a “severe marine environment” within 100 metres of the South Steyne Beach, Manly NSW. The existing clay brick façade has deteriorated due to salt penetration and crystallisation over the years that have resulted in fretting/spalling of the exposed brick faces.

Bricks needed to be high-pressure water blasted to remove surface salts in order to get a good bond of the render system. Due to the location of the building in a severe marine environment, the façade needed adequate protection from salt ingress and sea spray. Also, in combination with the ARDEX Render System, the application of ARDEX WPM 310 would provide a weather-proof barrier and a contemporary look of the façade.


  • Remove and replace defective bricks and cut out any sections where the brick mortar is deteriorated to expose sound solid mortar and re-point with new mortar as necessary to achieve a flat surface. Allow to harden before proceeding.
  • All existing painted surfaces to have a 2-3 mm scratch coat of ARDEX WR 60 and WR Prime.
  • On all existing masonry brickwork to install ARDEX WR 100 and WR Prime applied as base coat.
  • One coat of ARDEX WPM 270 as the prime coat prior to the application of the façade coating.
  • Apply the ARDEX WPM 310 Façade Coating over the dry primed surface in two coats at a minimum 300 microns per coat.

ARDEX was able to provide a complete compatible system for the rectification of the façade of this prime water-front apartment block along Manly beach, adding value for the owner’s investment for the years to come.