Singapore University of Technology and Design – Singapore

Singapore University of Technology and Design – Singapore

Singapore University of Technology and Design – Singapore

Singapore University of Technology and Design – Singapore

DP Architects Pte Ltd

General Contractor:
Kajima Overseas Asia Pte Ltd

Installer / Applicator:
Industrial Contracts Marketing (2001) Pte Ltd Featured


·ARDEX R2SE General Purpose Solvent Free Epoxy Primer
·PANDOMO Terrazzo Micro White Challenges:
· Complicated joint profiles design
· 2 arches staircase from level 1 to level 3
· Tight construction schedule of 6 – 8 weeks
· Pandomo Terrazzo installation in main foyer, library, auditorium foyer, visitor center (4700m2)

Nestled in the east end of Singapore, Singapore University of Design and Technology (SUDT) needed a functional and splendour but at the same time unobtrusive to the design of the building. The project has to be completed in 6 – 8 weeks under the circumstances that floor trafficking are allowed after a short period as there are other trades working at the same time. During the installation, over 200sqm of post tension concrete slabs that have no expansion or movement joints and cracking on the floor were encountered.

After applying ARDEX R2SE,PANDOMO ATS rapid hardening cement was used to build up an unbonded screed application which can be walked on after 6 hours and at the same time develop early compressive strength that reduces the risk of being damaging by other trades and at same time creating an instant floor for stacking materials on site. It saves time on the subfloor preparation. Cement based binder is also use as a safer choice that is environmental friendly and has Class A Fire Rating.

The architect and contractor chose Pandomo Terrazzo Micro which met their demand for design, workmanship and durability in the school. Pandomo Terrazzo Micro is a cement based system that creates a fast track, rapid hardening decorative flooring with a fine Terrazzo finish. It’s ideal to install as it does not have yellowing effect after exposing to UV light especially with a light colour terrazzo floor that is chosen. Most importantly, It can be ground right after 24 hours which are both crucial characters that allows the project to be completed in very short time.

ARDEX Pandomo applicator has installed a unique and splendour floor, just as the owner requested.