SKY Office – Germany

SKY Office – Germany

SKY Office – Germany

SKY Office – Germany


  • Cetinel Innenausbau – Mainz, Germany GENERAL


  • ORCO erste Projektentwicklungs GmbH (ORCO Germany S.A.) – Düsseldorf, Germany ARCHITECTS:
  • Ingenhoven Architects – Düsseldorf, Germany

Product Featured:

  • PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro


  • High quality
  • Economical
  • Fast-track installation
  • Durability
  • Raised flooring


Gazing across the skyline in Düsseldorf, one can notice the modern change created by the Sky Office. This 89m tower was built in a transparent casing of floor to ceiling windows creating an interior that is just as modern as the style of the building, filling the offices with a high proportion of natural light. To finish off the contemporary style, the designers were looking for a pure white floor with a traditional terrazzo look that would be economical, unique and durable.


To achieve the modern design, the PANDOMO TerrazzoMicro system was chosen. PANDOMO TerrazzoMicro allows smooth and finely sanded high quality floors to be created with a typical terrazzo look. The design and color can be individually chosen. The incorporated natural stone aggregate makes the floor appear more natural and organic. To keep the theme of the Sky Office, designers used a customized shade of white binder with light aggregate graining. The result was a terrazzo style floor with a monochromatic color scheme that created a modern, yet natural feel. To install the floor, the contractors started with PANDOMO ATS Rapid Hardening Cement for leveling screeds along with a layer of PANDOMO PR Primer, this created a substrate on the raised floor system that would be suitable to receive the PANDOMO TerrazzoMicro binder matrix and decorative graining. Once the floor was dry, after 24 hours, the floor was sanded and any defects were filled with PANDOMO TFW Filler White. The finished product was a homogenous floor with a terrazzo look that saved valuable time typically associated with traditional applications.