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Concert hall venue requires resilient flooring surface

Trocadero at Hamer Hall, Melbourne

PANDOMO TerrazzoMicro specified and chosen for high volume traffic areas

Trocadero at Hamer Hall, Melbourne

INSTALLER: Concrete Resurfacing Systems –
BUILDER: Liquid Lines –
ARCHITECT: Allan Powell Architects –
PROJECT ADDRESS: Under Hamer Hall, Southbank

With outstanding views of the city, and located under Hamer Hall, a 2,661 seat concert hall, the largest venue in the Arts Centre complex, used for orchestra and contemporary music performances the Trocadero bar and brasserie needed a flooring product to handle a few issues which would come up. Concrete Resurfacing Systems, an accredited PANDOMO® contractor supplied the PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro, a thin topping terrazzo flooring surface to handle the many pre and post theatre patrons who are ushered through the Hamer Hall foyer into Trocadero to enjoy dinner, a drink or both.

The acoustic requirements of the project meant that pouring and grinding a concrete slab was not feasible, as the 70mm thickness did not meet the requirements. PANDOMO® can be installed at 11mm thickness, or on an unbonded screed of 45mm thickness to provide a thinner and efficient solution to traditional terrazzo flooring.

Being a bar and food serving area, stain resistance was critical in ensuring that the floor remained stain resistant.

Concrete Resurfacing Systems worked with Liquid Lines to ensure the most suitable sealer was employed to provide piece of mind in the area of stain resistance. ARDEX can work with you on your project to ensure that the most suitable sealer is specified relating to your flooring performance requirements.

As the project required large pieces of black granite to be embedded in the flooring, the PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro’s ability to self- level and flow, meant the finish was able to be easily installed around the large pieces of black granite, which was adhered to the floor.