Lotte Castle – Korea

Lotte Castle – Korea

Lotte Castle – Korea

Lotte Castle – Korea


  • Lotte Engineering & Construction Co., LTD. – Seoul, South Korea

Product Featured:

  • ARDEX FG 8 Flexible Colored Grout


  • Grout for 15,000 m2 (161,459 ft2 ) of natural stone
  • Expedited installation time frame
  • Laticrete products originally specified


When Lotte Castle President Apartments were originally designed, Latapoxy by Laticrete was specified. However, in the past Lotte Engineering & Construction had issues with the performance of locally manufactured grouts when installing natural tile and stone installations. Lotte Engineering & Construction was very hesitant to utilize a new product they had no experience with. This project demanded products with a solid reputation and performance capabilities for the elegant facades at the sophisticated and urban Lotte Castle President Apartments.


Through providing job references and support from installers, the developer allowed ARDEX to test their materials for this project. ARDEX Korea offered a sensible, satisfactory and reliable solution for Lotte Engineering & Construction. After working with ARDEX Sales and Technical Support Teams to narrow the selection based on specific criteria for the installation, ARDEX FG 8 Flexible colored Grout for tile was specified and ultimately selected by the developer of Lotte Castle President Apartments. ARDEX FG 8 is a polymer fortified, flexible cement-based grout designed for floor and wall installations. It also reduces the likelihood of cracking failures, from building movement. ARDEX FG 8 is easy to maintain because it is water and mold resistant, and dries to a smooth finish that reduces the amounts of trapped pollutants. The grouts improved color integrity keeps the installation true to the original design, ensuring a quality color palette remains consistent through the entire installation. Because of their dedicated employees, superior sales and technical support team, and proven track record, ARDEX once again proves it has the products to get the job done right, the first time… every time!