Folkwang Museum – Germany

Folkwang Museum – Germany

Folkwang Museum – Germany

Folkwang Museum – Germany


  • Otto Aman Estrichverlegung GmbH & Co. KG – Beelen, Germany


  • Neubau Museum Folkwang Essen GmbH (Wolff Group) – Stuttgart, Germany • W+P Gesellschaft für Projektabwicklung mbH (Wolff Group) – Stuttgart, Germany


  • David Chipperfield Architects – Berlin, Germany
  • Plan Forward (Wolff Group) – Stuttgart, Germany

Product Featured :

  • PANDOMO® TerrazzoBasic


  • 6,500 m2 (17,223 ft2)
  • Fast track installation
  • Durable
  • Incorporate local mineral aggregate


In anticipation of Essen’s upcoming City Cultural Year of 2010, Halbach-Stiftung announced the foundation would provide funds for a new building. This prompted Essen to hold an international architecture competition in which twelve architecture firms were invited for participation. Once the winner was chosen and announced, the construction of the new building began.

The new building, which would incorporate the old building from 1960, was designed to flow from space to space with interior courtyards, gardens and foyers. The minimalist elegant style would feature clear lines with flowing rooms, all on one level and be highlighted by an almost seamless floor that was individual in nature, incorporating local minerals into a terrazzo style floor.


With the floor surface being such an important part of the design, the Architects from Plan Forward consulted with ARDEX to create the PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic floor. This floor provided a completely modern and individual look defining a new generation of terrazzo floors.

PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic was created in exact accordance to the architects’ wishes. Top design quality, speed of installation, and durability were of the upmost importance. Incorporated into approximately 6,500 m2 (17,223 ft2 ) of the building; PANDOMO BG Binder was mixed with locally sourced Rhine gravel to give the exhibition areas a unique image without being too dominating and distracting the visitors’ attentions from the exhibits. The materials are lightweight, and can be applied with a standard forced action mixer or screed pump, saving time and money. For this installation, the floor was applied in 100m2 (1,075 ft2 ) sections, sanded several times and any voids created in the process were filled with PANDOMO TFW / TFB filling compounds.

PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic is based on the traditional terrazzo technique but uses local materials which gives the flooring a much more lively structure compared to its classic counterparts. This homogenous material is suitable for rebuilds, renovations and high-traffic areas.