IKEA Store – China

IKEA Store – China

IKEA Store – China

IKEA Store – China


  • Shanghai Weigu Corrosion Company – Shanghai, China

Product Featured:

  • ARDEX Polyurethane Self-Leveling System


  • Cracking in various areas throughout the existing concrete substrate
  • Installation completed while store remained open, so a product with low or no odor was required
  • Area to be repaired in sections 4500 m2 (48,439 ft2)
  • Abrasion resistant floor required
  • Able to withstand heavy rolling loads and foot traffic
  • Over five year floor repair solution required


Known for its inspiring quality and economical home furnishing displays, IKEA experienced failures with their existing floors and asked ARDEX to find a solution. IKEA wanted a product that was durable, abrasion resistant and aesthetically pleasing. They also wanted a floor with superior longevity that was easy to maintain.


Offering complete customer service and technical support, ARDEX recommended Shanghai Weigu Corrosion Company and IKEA China to use ARDEX Self-Leveling Polyurethane System. This flooring system would repair existing cracks in the substrate and meet IKEA’s finished flooring requirements. To ensure there would be no harsh odors during installation, Shanghai Weigu Corrosion Company installed a fan system and VOC monitors. This system was used to make sure there was absolutely no distracting odor in the air while customers shopped. After each area was sectioned off, Shanghai Weigu Corrosion Company used a grinding machine to prepare the existing surface to receive ARDEX Self-Leveling Polyurethane System. The grinding process creates a strong bond to concrete, removing any possible contaminates that could cause failures with the ARDEX system. To prevent cracks from reflecting or telegraphing through to the new floor system, cracks larger than .8 mm (1/32”) were filled with a suitable cementitious patching compound. The ARDEX Polyurethane Self-Leveling System is a threecoat system. Once all pre-existing cracks were filled, the ARDEX R7PP Polyurethane Primer was installed to ensure a strong bond between the flooring system and the substrate. Next, ARDEX R120PP Polyurethane Body Coat was installed followed by the ARDEX R115PP Polyurethane Top Coat. The ARDEX Polyurethane Self-leveling System was selected because it is easy to install, extremely durable, abrasion resistant and has a long life span. ARDEX Polyurethane Self-Leveling Systems could be installed seamlessly to maintain an aesthetically pleasing floor, the perfect combination for IKEA China.